26 Jun 2011

Master of Disguises

      The critics have dubbed it a Failed State, the security agencies have named it a Terrorist State and the human rights activists have called it a Military State. So many names for one state of Pakistan. Well that is certainly the result of the many disguises that the Pakistani agencies work in. No need to say what half of them are. Yes they are some terrorist outfit plotting their attacks on innocent civilians from at times ISI safe houses. So what is it that has happened? Has Pakistan done too much for these terrorists for the terrorists to call Pakistan their home. Well so it seems. However I won't be talking about terrorism on this post. This article is dealt towards understanding the dual policy that Pakistan is following.

      Pakistan has warned the United States against any further drone strikes conducted within its borders and also any unilateral military action taken inside its territory. But is this a farcical show of strength? Is it just a statement issued by the weak civilian government to please the people and the army. The army would be more than happy with that statement because it would help them to get higher budget while at time same time show the public that they still exert influence on the government which it most desperately needs to show due to the rising criticism for them. Thus there are many different angles to this one play that is being stage on the world arena.

      If reports are to be believed than according to them, Pakistan had a pact with USA that if the US finds Bin Laden in Pakistan's territory than they shall be allowed to take unilateral action while Pakistan will be allowed to criticize them and give them warnings just to show the public that they are against such violations of their sovereignty. Now if that is true than I am not quite sure about Pakistan's future as a sovereign country. How can it be that an operation is carried out by another country within the territory of another country and that country doesn't even do anything about it? Because they simply can't. One must not forget the one very important that Pakistan needs at this time and that is 'AID'.

      Almost all the aid that Pakistan gets from the USA is spent on the military but some of it is utilized to keep the economy afloat. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Pakistan economy cannot survive long without continuous economic aid from the United States. The reason why the economy is in shambles is because of the negligence of the government. Pakistani Government never invested smartly for the country's future and if you come to think of it they got the most fertile land in the country after the partition.

      However there are certain sectors that are threatening to boycott the US aid but that may just turn out to be nothing but a publicity stunt being done by an extremist candidate up for elections. If the military is mum and not doing anything about it than there isn't much that can or will be done. And as time goes, the Pakistani people will forget about the incident but the extremists and the terrorist funded by the ISI will not. Thus the ongoing proxy war against the US planned and put into action by Pakistan will go on.

      So in short they can't do much except criticize the US and fund terrorist networks to increase attacks on Americans because after all money talks. So in short we will only be hearing statements made by the Pakistan leadership and acts of terrorism against the US and that is all that there is to it. After all statements can be forgotten but actions cannot and the US is one country that will never forget it if Pakistan does something against them. So in the end, it is the "you give me money, and I won't do anything 'publicly'."