1 Jun 2010

We are not Alone

For ages man has wondered whether he is alone in this vast universe which has over a billion stars. Numerous science-fiction movies have been made on small green men from mars. But that might be a reality sooner than later. Nasa has claimed of having found compelling evidence of life on mars.

          They have reportedly found a form of pond scum which is the building block of life. This could be a turning point in Human History. There are more than a billion possibilities at the moment and there a billion answers to the billion questions which are being raised about mars.

          If aliens are indeed found which will take some time, it would have a significant impact on the very foundations of Space Science. Aliens are a topic of controversy. It will be exciting to see the reaction of the people, if it is proved that there are aliens.

          We should be careful when dealing with aliens. If we ever find them, they might be an advanced species with capabilities which are still dreams for us. They might use them to conquer us. They might have special abilities. They can destroy us for all we know.

          They can also be friendly and may help us improve ourselves. They can help us in following the non-violent path by providing us with insight into how humans won't survive if there is no peace.

          We don't know who the aliens are nor do we know anything about their behaviour. But one thing is certain that, if aliens exist and they do give us a visit then every thing will change for the good or bad.