About Me

Dhruva Mathur is a recent graduate from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. He holds a Double Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science with Honors in Economics. His areas of interest can be broadly summed up as the economic, political, social and other relationships between states, markets and other non-state actors and the interaction of all these relationships with each other.

I enjoy reading and writing on these broad sets of issues and this is reflected in the articles, papers and other pieces I routinely write not only for my blog but also for other website.

I host two blogs. One is An Indian Youngster which deals with political aspects of the Indian society and specifically talks about the youth's attitude towards the various events, institutions and other entities that exist in the Indian society. The other is A Molten Mind which hosts a collection of poems I penned over a summer.

I have maintained an active presence on Twitter and my tweets often tend to reflect the mood of a segment of the youth on various issues. My analysis of international issues has been appreciated by many fellow tweeters and this has helped me connect with many Foreign Policy experts and individuals from my fields of interest, many of whom now follow me on twitter.

My blogs and articles for CSR Journal and Model Governance Foundation have become popular among many people and are often the most read pieces of the websites and often tend to receive a lot of positive word of mouth publicity.

I took part in discussions as a panelist on the topics: Fight Against Corruption, Activism, Democracy and Lokpal in the #ifeelup tweet-a-thon organised by The Viewspaper alongside Kiran Bedi and Subramanian Swamy.

I was also selected to represent my college, St. Xavier's College, Mumbai for an exchange program with the NYU Stern School of Business in the summer of 2013.

Specialties: World Economy, Government, Political Economy, Foreign Relations, State and Markets.