11 Jun 2010

The Complicated Indo-Sino Relationship Part I

India and China are the most important nations of the 21st century. They are the rising superpowers. But both have their own respective problems that pull them down. Both these nations will have a powerful say in the world affairs sooner than later. It is already happening. The recent Copenhagen Summit where India helped China in getting a good and fair deal. Such incidents are increasing, where both these nations have taken surprising steps sometimes supporting each other and sometimes against each other. This is what makes the Indo-Sino Relationship so complicated.

Both these countries have a history. There is a lot of mistrust between the two countries which is evident from the fact that they don't trust each other and always view each other with suspicion. This all started due to the 1961 war, when India and China were at war with each other. There are many versions as to why the war was fought but somewhere down the line it is clearly visible that these two nations are a little vary while dealing with each other which has resulted in centuries of mistrust. But why so?

The main reason for all this lies in economics and foreign affairs. Both these countries are going to be superpowers sooner than later and like all the countries in the world, they also would have some differences in opinions regarding various matters. This is quite the case here. Both these countries have huge differences in opinion. Lets take Pakistan for example, China is considered to be an ally of Pakistan which is quite true. China has always supported Pakistan in many of its "misadventures" be it the nuclear weapons race or preventing sanctions. India on the other hand is considered to be an arch-rival of Pakistan. This assumption is mainly based on India's stand on various issues which are sometimes against Pakistan but India has also supported Pakistan, but that is a different story all together. The fact is  that this varied opinion is a major problem in improving the relation between the two nations(India and China).

Another factor is the race. The race for  supremacy which I believe is very much the main problem. Both these countries want to outdo each other in every field. India wants a UNSC seat which I believe is very much India's right because India does not have a big brother(like China for Pakistan and USA for Israel) with a UNSC and besides it has earned. India is the most powerful country in the Indian subcontinent. This is a major problem for China because as long as China has a hold on that seat it will be a big brother type figure in Asia but with another asian country also getting that seat, the big brother image is bound to take a beating and so will its influence.

But this was all about the negatives shared by the two countries. Positives are also there. Both these countries have realised that though they may be powerful nation but it is still not enough to overcome the US supremacy. This resulted in the two forming an alliance of sorts at the Copenhagen to get the result that they both wanted. This played the trick. India and China are so powerful nations that when together even the US can't impose its policies and ideals on them. The duo agree on many matters like terrorism. But this is still not enough. A lot more should be done to improve the relations.

India recently gifted a replica of Sanchi Stupa to China. Such acts are the most welcomes as they help in improving relations between the two countries. This improvement in relations might lead to a new era of diplomacy wherein both India and China to help and support each other in their own various endeavours. The time has come when these two nations will join hands and change the vary face of International Politics.