13 Jun 2010

The Complicated Indo-Sino Relationship Part II

The Indo-Sino relationship has been improving steadily but there are certain things that might become a hurdle in the near future. China as the world knows befriended Pakistan to counter the Indian influence. Now that such a lot of time has past, the two a become the closest of buddies. China won't go against Pakistan on any topic at the international level. And India and Pakistan don't have a great history together.

China's continued support to Pakistan might hinder this friendship process that has started between these two great nations. Pakistan which India believes sponsors terrorism and it does has many a times escaped thanks to the United States which has vested interests in that region or thanks to China which is its great ally.

Another issue that might cause misunderstanding between the two nations would be their stands on nuclear weapons. China has a huge arsenal and this is bound to make India uncomfortable. If such a thing ever happens then it might lead to a nuclear arms race which would be the worst thing to ever happen.

Influence is a major hurdle that separates these two countries from being big time allies. This has many a times happened between the US and UK but not to that serious an extent. However, India and China share borders. This is a major problem because if they didn't share borders and had been far  away from each other then their area of influence would not cross into the other's. But being neighbours, this is bound to happen. It is already HAPPENING.