19 Jul 2010

Teach What is Relevant

Education is something that teaches a person the necessary things that are required for him to get a job. Example if a person wants to join NASA then he has to know physics. But what is the use if he is being taught something that is of no use to him. He is being taught psychology which as a programmer would be of no use to him. So its a waste of time isn't it. Instead of psychology he can be taught something better.

I'll give another example. A student is given a choice of subjects after passing 12. If he wants to take Economics. Then the best subjects for him would be Maths and Statistics but maths and stats are in the same group so he has to chose only one of them and in the third group there are subjects which won't be a lot of help to him. But yet they are there.

This type of education is bad for the country. One must study to get a hang on the things that would be necessary for the type of job he wants. That will make the student more efficient. These types of problems cripple the education system. However, the current government has showed the resolve to change it. We do not know whether there will be a major change or not or will the education system head for the best or worst. But the thing that we can do is. Create awareness. That is all we can do and awareness in turn will force the government to change the policies for the better.