29 Jan 2011

A New Republic For India

      Parliamentary Democracy has been the form of governance in India for the last 61 years, a long time. This has been a long and a rather successful experiment if not an expensive and at times not the most effective. However I feel that the time has come for India to experiment with its Republic. Touch wood, parliamentary democracy has been successful for India with hardly a few incidences such as the one where Indira Gandhi issued the National Emergency, for some people it was dictatorship but for some it was an improvement in the way the system worked. I won't dwell on what it was or what it wasn't or what we couldn't achieve as all this is nothing but what I think and it won't give any solid results. Hence all that we can do is speculate.

       The best example that we can look at and maybe copy is that of France. France has done all sorts of governmental experiments. It has experienced a King, Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary Democracy and a Presidential Republic. India needs to remain true to its democratic value which it so often shows off to the rest of the world. Thus the best that India can get would be a Presidential Republic, something similar to USA. But would it be suitable?

      India at present is experiencing what experts may call as the coalition era. It is the time when a democracy has matured and all sections of society are represented at the political level. Thus there is an abundance of political options and alternatives. But this abundance has also taken its toll on the country. And that is the ineffectiveness of the Political System of the country. Parliamentary Democracy involves direct elections. Thus many a different political parties and candidates get elected resulting in no clear majority for a single party which in turn gives rise to the spirit of political 'co-operation'. Everybody wants to be in power. Thus political parties come together to form the government.

      At times this government has a lot more than two political parties involved to get it running which results in parties balancing their positions so as to not offend a member party because if they do so there might be a back clash. The offended party may take away its support resulting in political imbalance and at times resulting in the fall of the government. And we have a new election which results in the same event being repeated again and again.

      A diverse country like India is bound to have a population which is divided on different things. Nothing much can be done about this political imbalance. Only political parties can work harder not caring about their political results but about the economic and regional impact a decision that they take might have. Governments which work for the people never fall but those which work for themselves always fall and we have seen this being repeated again and again. Whenever a government fails to do its job and work efficiently for the people, it losses the next general elections to the opposition.

       Thus it is time that India decided on another form of governance. According to me the a federal government based on the similar lines of USA would be the best. But as I said this is my opinion and others are entitled to theirs. All I want to say is that its time that we get a change from this parliamentary form of democracy.