25 Jun 2010

Asian Union- A Dream

Countries coming together and forming unions is not a new thing. It has happened in Europe. European countries came together to form the European Union. The same happened with Asia in 2002 when the Asian Cooperation Dialogue was formed. It is seen as a precursor to an Asian Union. However the possibility of a full fledged Asian Union similar to the European Union look grim.
Membership and Expansion of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue

Countries might join hands and come together to form an Asian UN of sorts but forming a European Union is a little far fledged thought. In Europe many countries have the same common currency and that is the Euro. In Asia this might happen only after 2-3 years but it will happen sooner rather than later. The reason behind this might be the growing Indo-Chinese influence. These two countries will be in a fierce competition with the United States for international say within the next 2-3 years. It has already started.

The common currency may come into existence but it won't be taken to a higher level the way it was taken to in Europe. This common currency might just be a commonality between a couple or more countries. But even the Euro started out as a common currency between some countries and then later went on to be the common currency of more that 27 nations. This might happen many years later but it will surely happen.

The Asian Union will help increase the trade between world's largest markets and that will do the Asian countries a lot of good. Such common things are needed by all the countries in Asia to grow. These commonalities are often the one's that bring people closer. Globalisation brought people closer because people in country wanted a good that was produced in another country.

Unity is what is needed to establish a common base for all the countries. This unity is a little hard to achieve a result of the numerous wars that were fought within this region. But people will surely get united one day. They will realise that the people living on the other side of the border are just like them and also live like them. This realisation will herald a new era in world politics.