15 Jun 2010

The Complicated Indo-Sino Relationship Part III

India and China are two giants located in South East Asia. These two giants exercise a lot of power over Asia. They have had conflicting views but they have formed an alliance of sorts against the developed countries which want to impose their policies on the developing countries.

There are many issues which unite the two countries together. One of them is terrorism. Terrorism has targeted both the countries. Terrorists are pretty active in China which has resulted in the Chinese forming many policies. In the future also the fight against terrorism may continue and it will unite more and more countires together.

Energy is going to be a major problem in the future. This will lead to India and China collaborating in the field of energy and coming up with new technology. I have made this assumption based on the fact the two countires produce excellent scientists.

Diplomacy is a major issue which is going to affect world policy in the near future, or should I say that it has already started affecting it. India and China will come together to form a major front for the developing countries. This front will be extremely powerful as it would also involve countries like Brazil. This front will start wresting power from the developed countries and soon the world policies will favour the developing countries.

There many things that will  happen in the future. This topic of mine just dealt with some of these things that will be affecting India and China. I will soon start a parallel series that will deal about things that will happen in the future and that series will include countries and the state of technology.

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